Youth for Changes

Time layout: 8 – 11 of June 2000
Donor: Friedrich Ebert Stifftung
Project coordinator: Ivana Pražetina
Project objective: to develop communication between young people from former Yugoslav countries, who are active in non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and who by their own activism as well as through exchanging ideas and experiences are willing to improve position of young generation in society
Participants: 30 youth representatives from former Yugoslav countries active in non-governmental organisations
Activities: Four-day seminar in Makarska based on presentation campaigns and on planning some future campaigns
Lecturer: Sc.D. Vlasta Ili_in, held a course called “Youth on the margin of society and politics”
Result: As a product of the seminar an “UNO network” (UNO – united non-governmental organisation) was conducted. Its goal is maintenance of communication and exchange of information, ideas, necessities and joint actions between youth organisations and individuals from ex-Yugoslav countries.