Youth Civic Education –
building active citizenship

Time layout:
January 2003 / December 2003.
Donors: Open Society Institute, Government of Republic, Croatia, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, World Bank
Project Coordinator: Martina Sta_nik
Overall Aim: General objective is youth public participation in the decision- making processes in political institutional bodies on local level in Croatia.
Target groups: Youth members of political parties, unions, NGOs and student organizations.
Activities: 22 advocacy workshops in Croatia for 288 participants in total. Project evaluation seminar organized in December 2003., Rijeka
Trainers: Young trainers who has successfully finished advocacy TOT seminar in 2002.
International cooperation: Civic Initiatives/TIM TRI, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro were host organization to DYI representatives in May 2003. related to the exchange visit supported by
Balkan Youth Partnership Program; Balkan Children&Youth Foundation
Civic initiatives/ TIM TRI, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro organized 4th training session on topics related to advocacy in May 2003. for young trainers who has successfully finished advocacy TOT seminar in Croatia; supported by Freedom House – Regional exchange program and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Belgrade office .

Project Youth Civic Education-building active citizenship is presented as project of good practice on the web site