No Means No

Time layout: Year 2001
Donor: Human rights Office of the Croatian Republic
Project coordinator: Aleksandra Štingl
Target group: The student population outside the Zagreb University (University in Zagreb was covered in previous research), three hundred male and female senior years students from universities of Osijek, Split and Rijeka. In these patterns female students have been represented more than their male students – 71% in Osijek, 52% in Rijeka and 58% in Split. Project objective: To search do our students recognize sexual harassment at the University, to which level they consider this subject as an important one, and have they experienced such a thing, themselves. Ph. D. Smiljana Leinert Novosel, deputy dean in Political Science in Zagreb, prepared a questionnaire.

Project result: The study interested the public. Previously determined in several European researches done on the same subject, had been confirmed in our case: it is not a fictive issue but something that is “alive among us” as a reflection of a patriarchal form of communication between superior and the inferior, men and women. It is not a matter of extravagant proportions, if we are speaking about severe forms of sexual harassment, but the experiences of easy forms, such as jokes, remarks, staring, etc, most often aimed at the female part of the population, are so numerous that are considered as normal behavior in everyday life.