National Human Development Report

Implementation period: November 2003. – June 2004.
Donor: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Project Coordinator: Drazen Puljic
Partners: Center for Peace Studies and Croatian Youth Network
Aim of research: UNDP advocates for changes and enables accesss to knowledge and means to countries, with exchange of experience, with aim of improving development and helping people to make better living. Human Development Report is one of the major means by which UNDP tries to realise its aim. The subject of Croatian HDR will be youth and its role in the society (from16 to 29 years according to National Action Plan). Creation of HDR is being done as participative and open process. Key messages and information consisted in this report serve as an influence tool to state and local bodies to start with resolving the problems that are highlighted in the report.
Target group: High school and university students, youth from youth organisations and youth wings of political parties, employed and unemployed youth, activists

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National Human Development Report 2004 (350kb word document)