Informal Youth Education for Starting
Social Ideas

Time layout:
year 2002.
Government of Republic of Croatia
Project coordinator:
Ivana Pražetina
Objective: active role of youth in civil society development through NGO integration
Activities: Seven thematic workshops:

 Planning and conducting social actions
 Role of youth in society
 Human rights
 Gender relations
 Nonviolent resolution of conflicts
 Self work – building self–esteem

Trainers: Ivana Biškup, Darko Tomorad, Aleksandra Štingl, Vesna Kajiš, Martina Stažnik, Ivana Pražetina

Rezultat projekta:

 conducted social actions
 1/3 of participants actively integrated in NGO’s
 1/5 of participants involved in further organization
of workshops on the basis of gained knowledge
and skills

The project is a follow-up of Youth Educational Workshops– project of informal education of youth for establishing civil society performed in 2001. This project is an answer to the needs and wishes of participants to continue education performed by DIM. Work with the participants has shown their creativity and need for creating new things. That was a reason for starting and carrying out participants’ social actions. Through conducting social actions participants are present on whole – day thematic workshops.

At the end of the project, on November 30 participants will present their conducted social actions.