Non-partial Campaign for Youth

Non-partial campaign for youth Get Out and Fight for Your Rights was a project led by a coalition of 60 non-governmental organizations (80 with sub offices) called UNO 99 (United Non-governmental Organizations) under the coordination of DYI.
Twenty-seven out of sixty NGOs were active organizers of various events; others were giving support in organizations and were distributing campaign materials. Some organizations used the logo of the campaign although they were not members of UNO 99, what gave the campaign additional publicity.

The project was nation-wide, embracing every county and major city in Croatia. Campaign had a direct contact with citizens so it influenced young people in all parts of the country. It was realized through an educational campaign, media campaign, cultural events, info parties, concerts and other forms of entertainment.

The following activities were organized: 5 info parties, 12 public forums, 7 press conferences, over 70 various cultural events (exhibitions, performances, graphite, concerts..). The estimated number of people reached by events of the campaign is around 300.000 but together with distribution of materials (direct contact with people) the estimated number is around 800.000, and the whole population via media.

Special activity was a bus tour (from 05th to 27th December 1999). The primary aim of this action was to establish direct contact with young distributing promotional materials of the Campaign and talking to them about the importance of going to the polls. Estimated number of organizations reached on the bus tour was over 50 and estimated number of people reached during the bus tour throughout 43 cities is approximately 120.000.

Six final events were organized in Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Vukovar, Slavonski Brod and Zagreb. The special action was organized in Zagreb Rock parade in the streets of the capital. The members of the Non-partisan Campaign organized it for the Youth from Zagreb and surrounding areas. Concerts of rock bands and performances were conducted on two rented trailer trucks.

Through these various activities the project encouraged young people to get involved in the electoral process, motivated them to get to the polls on election day and to vote intellectually. The project offered them a better knowledge about ways and means of democratic expressions of political will and importance of voting and helped young people in building generation identity through overcoming the feelings of resignation and fear.

Overall number of voters on Election Day was 75%. Official figures of the number of the first time voters are estimated at about 80%.
The Campaign helped new initiatives, establishment of new NGOs but also strengthened several NGOs that already existed. The Campaign established network of NGOs in Croatia as well as in the region. The Croatian population as such, obviously benefited from the campaign.

…The elections showed the strength of young voters…” -Helle Degn, Coordinator of Foreign Observers at Parliamentary Elections