Education for Youth Politicians

Time layout: From March 2001 until February 2002
Donors: The International Olof Palme Center and Government of Republic of Croatia
Project coordinator: Martina Stažnik
Overall objective: To strengthen youth participation in decision-making in their own organizations – youth sections of political parties and youth nongovernmental organizations.
Project objectives: a) acquiring knowledge and skills for successful public campaigns, public actions organizing and quality media presentation and b) strengthening of youth participation in decision making on local and regional level.
Participants: Members of political parties, trade unions, student unions, and youth nongovernmental organizations.
Activities: Seminars in media presentation, public speech, advocacy, lobbying and negotiation.

 26./27.5. & 9./10.6. 2001. in Zagreb
 29.11.- 2.12.2001. in Marija Bistrica
 21.-24. 2002. in Stubičke toplice.

Lecturers: Media presentation: Ph.D. Marina Mu_alo and Darko Tomorad from Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, Croatia
Public speech: Katarina Iv_e and Jasmina Ibi_evi_ from Croatian Debate Society Advocacy, lobbying and negotiation: Sanja Sarnavka, Martina Beli_, from BaBe and Gordana Stojanovi_ from Legal Services Coalition – LSC
Participant’s comments:
Media presentation: “I’ve got brief and simple advices about media presentation from highly competent person, …very spontaneous, funny but still competent which resulted in high level of attention and involved all participants, …finally right person tells right things on the right place…”
Public speech: “I could practically use what I’ve learned… trainers I like the best, they were very competent and coordinated but still very easy-going in doing their job…great expectations produce great results, both on personal and professional level, this workshop made a big impact on me… girls are great team and they know their job…I recommend your bravery for including handicap people.”
Advocacy: “Natural and frank approach, …I’m now stronger person and I think I can now do many things that I couldn’t do before, …dynamic atmosphere for fast and quality learning, … very instructive and it’s too bad it didn’t last longer… this workshop is most encouraging, most concrete and most practical, …first-hand experience, great examples…