Cultural-informative Centre for Transition

Time layout: Year 2000.
Donor: The Government of Croatia
Project coordinator: Ivana Biškup
Project goal: increase active participation of young people in social and political life and develop their creative potential
Participants: members of non-governmental organizations, youth sections within political parties, students and all the people that work with young people and for young people and desire to start different actions, initiatives and programs in their community but they lack curtain knowledge, skills and abilities to practice their ideas.
Activities: Six interactive, practical one – day workshops. The themes were following:

 Civil society
 Planning, preparation and conducting workshops
for young people
 Planning, preparation and conducting projects
and social actions

Also, we have conducted a workshop on the subject of Strategic planning and organisation development for members of Croatian students Union, to help them in their further work.
Trainers: Milena Medić, Vesna Kajiš, Andrija Vranić
In the project evaluation we have received quantitative information from the participants evaluations, where they evaluated the project, with 4,29 as an average grade.
Participants’ commentaries on the conducted workshops (the quality evaluation):
«The whole project encouraged me to respect other people and cultures…»
«We had a chance to express freely and discuss in a friendly atmosphere…»
«Theory and practical work were presented in an extraordinary interesting and relaxed way» «I expected the lectures to be more boring and less creative, and it wasn’t the case with this one. Also, the games and the theory are closely connected with what I work so my expectations were surpassed»
«I felt safe in expressing my attitude, opinion, feelings and that affected the most to my active participation.»